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24 Sep 2018

Andrew Smith comments on Andreas Hauschild’s possible extradition to the UK over Euribor rate-rigging charges in Bloomberg

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union might be Andreas Hauschild’s best hope of remaining in it.

Hauschild, a former Deutsche Bank AG trader who faces possible extradition to the UK over Euribor rate-rigging charges, was arrested in Italy on a European Arrest Warrant, an agreement that enables extradition of suspected criminals between member states.

“I don’t think it can be right that come the first of April next year, all European arrest warrants suddenly wither on the vine and no longer have effect,” said Andrew Smith, an attorney at London-based Corker Binning, who isn’t involved in the case. The fact that the warrant was issued before the UK’s departure should mean it isn’t affected by the split, he said.

Smith questioned why Hauschild travelled to Italy when a Frankfurt legal ruling that shielded him from extradition was only valid as long as he remained at home.

“You’d have thought his lawyers would’ve advised him not to travel outside Germany,” Smith said.

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