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22 Jul 2021

David Corker and Peter Binning quoted in The Times on UK Bribery Act anniversary

Partners David Corker and Peter Binning have been quoted in The Times on the 10 year anniversary of the UK Bribery, which was introduced by the coalition government in 2010 as legislation to streamline the UK’s anti-corruption laws.

In the article, Peter Binning discusses the first claim, brought by the Crown Prosecution Service in 2011, which was of a court clerk who pleaded guilty to taking a £500 bribe for making a speeding charge disappear. He says that early conviction “foreshadowed a less than glorious decade of real enforcement results, at least where individuals are concerned”.

Further, David Corker says that in more than 30 years of criminal law, no reform has “precipitated greater behavioural change than section 7”, creating the offence of failure to prevent. “Its onset appears to have brought about a paradigm shift in corporate thinking and conduct about winning business overseas.”

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