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05 Apr 2023

David Corker comments on the effectiveness of sanctions in The Law Society Gazette

In a recent Law Gazette Society article, Consultant David Corker comments on the debatable effectiveness of sanctions and whether their use has been limited due to the lack of global participation.

“In the case of Russia, sanctions have been a useful short-term tool but they have not been as widely applied globally as was hoped. There are many non-aligned countries which dilute their effect. Those countries need to trade grain and other commodities with Russia – there is no way around that.”


“In the LLC Synesis judgment, the judge held that the proportionality that the ECHR imposes was analogous to “appropriate”, which is useful for future appeals against sanctions cases.”


Click here to read the full article: https://www.lawgazette.co.uk/features/risky-business/5115629.article