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27 Apr 2018

David Corker comments on the new director of the SFO in The Times Law Brief and GIR

A former FBI lawyer has been named as director of the Serious Fraud Office after having backed controversial plans to bring the organisation under the wing of the national police force.

Lisa Osofsky, who is head of the London branch of an international regulation consultancy, will take over from David Green, QC, who retired from the top job this month.

David Corker said that Osofsky “fits the bill because she is agnostic about the future of the SFO and she will bring a fresh US approach, which will interest the government.

“She will be into offering immunity and deals, because that is what they do in the US. And she will chase the money, which will be of real interest to the government.”

Read the full article in The Times Law Brief here, behind a paywall, and in GIR here.