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15 Jun 2017

David Corker comments on the UK electoral diversion in The Times

Only time will tell whether last week’s electoral diversion will lead to a better destination for the nation or mark the definitive point of decline for the UK as a global power.

In any case, every cloud has a silver lining and for many lawyers the departure of Liz Truss from the Ministry of Justice might make the chaos seem worthwhile. As David Corker, of Corker Binning, observed: “Truss had lost the confidence of the judiciary and her move away from the justice portfolio was inevitable. A justice secretary who fails to defend the judiciary from ill-informed tabloid attacks cannot remain in post.”

The much abused proposal in the Conservative manifesto to merge the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) with the National Crime Agency (NCA) looks likely to be abandoned. “Jeremy Corbyn’s election success has surely sunk any chance of Theresa May’s ill-starred proposal to merge the SFO with the NCA. Losing the SFO would be a serious blow for the UK’s anti-fraud and corruption capability,” says Corker.

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