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13 May 2021

David Corker is quoted in Rozenburg’s blog on DPAs

Partner David Corker has been quoted by Joshua Rozenburg is his recent blog, which considers how well Deferred Prosecution Agreements are working for the SFO from the perspective of two defence lawyers.

“In contra-distinction to the United States, a critical feature of the statutory scheme in the UK is the requirement that the court examine the proposed agreement in detail, decide whether the statutory conditions are satisfied and, if appropriate, approve the DPA… The court retains control of the ultimate outcome…

Thus, even having agreed that a DPA is likely to be in the interests of justice and that its proposed terms are fair, reasonable and proportionate, the court continues to retain control and can decline to conclude that it is, in fact, in the interests of justice or that its terms are fair, reasonable and proportionate,” he says.

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