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14 Oct 2019

Edward Grange comments on Anne Sacoolas in The Telegraph

Partner Edward Grange has commented in The Telegraph regarding the possible extradition of Anne Sacoolas, who claimed diplomatic immunity and left Britain following her suspected involvement a fatal car accident.

Edward commented: “Given the seriousness of the offence for which Mrs Sacoolas is under investigation, should the CPS make a decision to prosecute her, her extradition from the US could be sought. A charging decision could only be made if the CPS were satisfied Mrs Sacoolas no longer benefited from immunity. The prospect of an extradition request succeeding remains to be seen, particularly in light of recent comment from the Trump Administration that it is very reluctant to allow its citizens to be tried abroad.

“A request for extradition for Mrs Sacoolas, if made, would not only be a test of the application of diplomatic immunity as it applies to their families but also an assessment of whether the US/UK Extradition Treaty, as viewed by many of its critics, really is a one-way street”.

To read the full article in The Telegraph, please click here.