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19 Sep 2016

Edward Grange comments on Lauri Love extradition ruling in The Brief and Ars Technica

Briton Lauri Love will be extradited to the US to face charges of hacking, Westminster Magistrates’ Court ruled on Friday.

Love faces up to 99 years in prison in the US on charges of hacking as part of the Anonymous collective, according to his legal team.

Handing down her ruling at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, district judge Nina Tempia told Love that he can appeal against the decision. The case will now be referred to the home secretary Amber Rudd while Love remains on bail.

Edward Grange, an extradition specialist partner at Corker Binning, a London law firm, pointed out that if extradition was ordered Love would have 14 days to apply to the High Court for permission to appeal.

Grange said that Love’s case “lends further weight” to suggestions that protections under the existing forum bar, which was inserted into the Extradition Act in 2013, “is illusory”.

Edward commented: “As far as I am aware, since it came into effect in October 2013, no one has succeeded in barring their extradition by reason of forum. Love has four weeks from today to make representations to the secretary of state [Rudd],”

He added: “She has a limited remit and can only consider representations regarding: the death penalty; specialty; and earlier extradition from another country. None of these appear to apply to Love’s case.”

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