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11 Jan 2021

Edward Grange quoted in Wall Street Journal on post-Brexit trade deal and law enforcement

Partner Edward Grange has been quoted in Wall Street Journal on the last minute trade deal between the U.K and EU, which is said to have helped disruption in key law enforcement and security priorities.

“The new agreement retains some of the limits for refusing requests for evidence, arrests or extraditions, but adds exceptions that could stymie others. The replacement procedures are likely to lead to an uptick in legal challenges. I don’t think it’s a win for the U.K. in terms of mutual legal assistance because the system that’s in place between EU members was a lot swifter. That was the whole purpose of it. [But] it’s not reverting back to a more cumbersome route, and there appears to be some carve outs for more streamlined communication,” he said.

You can read the full article here.