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20 Nov 2019

Jessica Maguire comments in The Times on stop and search

Legal Assistant Jessica Maguire has commented in The Times regarding the Conservative party’s new plans to grant the police new powers to stop and search knife offenders.

Jessica said: “Boris Johnson’s proposal of setting a target for anyone caught unlawfully with a knife to be immediately arrested, charged within 24 hours and in court within a week is completely unrealistic.

“The court system is already under immense pressure and is unable to cope with the volume of cases it is already having to deal with. Those who are charged with offences relating to knife crime are already aware that they will face the justice system and a likely prison sentence. To speed up this process does not act as a deterrent and is not the answer to tackling knife crime. The proposal amounts to little more than empty electioneering”.

To read the full article in The Times, please click here. Please note that the article is behind a paywall.