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09 Feb 2017

Kim Potts comments on Rolf Harris being cleared of three sex assault charges in regional press

Yesterday, former TV star Rolf Harris was cleared of three sex assault charges. The jury at Southwark Crown Court failed to return a verdict on four other counts.

Corker Binning Associate Kim Potts commented: “The acquittal of Rolf Harris in his second trial demonstrates that, despite the substantial publicity arising from his conviction in his first trial, the Jury carefully and faithfully considered the evidence presented and determined it was not sufficient to convict him.

Undoubtedly the jurors will have begun hearing the case having read about Mr Harris in the press following his previous trial. There is often great concern about whether a fair trial, in such circumstances, can be achieved. However, this verdict reinforces how capable our jurors are at performing their role – to try a person on the evidence they hear in court and only that.”

Kim’s comments were published widely in regional press.