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Using our experience gained through decades of advising individuals and businesses in extradition, MLA and INTERPOL matters, Corker Binning lawyers are often called upon to advise upon matters of international criminal law.

This includes advising upon immunity issues that may arise when serving and former politicians, diplomats and other foreign officials visit the UK (relating to matters of immunity).

We also have extensive experience of advising upon crimes of universal jurisdiction. These are crimes that can be investigated and prosecuted regardless of the place where they were committed and the nationality of the perpetrator or the victim, and include murder, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

We also have experience of advising upon the operation of the International Criminal Court Act 2001 and the International Criminal Court’s powers to seek the arrest and delivery of individuals visiting or residing in the UK.

Examples of our international criminal law experience include:

  • advising a Scandinavian natural resources company on a criminal investigation concerning crimes of universal jurisdiction allegedly committed in Africa, including advice on corporate accessorial liability to such crimes;
  • advising a leading member of Colonel Gaddafi’s cabinet on a joint US/UK/Scottish investigation into crimes of universal jurisdiction;
  • advising an individual investigated by the Met Police War Crimes Unit (SO15) accused of pillage and money laundering;
  • advising a witness making a complaint to the ICC concerning alleged war crimes committed by the Georgian military forces in South Ossetia (the ICC adopted this complaint);
  • advising a serving member of an international military force based in the UK about whether the UK authorities have jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute them for causing death by careless driving.