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Individual Accountability Services

Individual Accountability

School and university hearings

If you are a school or university student and you have been asked to attend an internal disciplinary hearing, the consequences will nearly always be far-reaching.

The hearing might conclude that you should be suspended or expelled, or its conclusions may make it impossible for you to enter certain regulated professions, such as medicine or the law. You should seek independent legal advice to give yourself the best chance of averting these outcomes.

We have significant recent experience acting for school or university students who face accusations of misconduct. This has included allegations of sexual impropriety, computer misuse and theft. We are able to deploy our expertise in the criminal law not only to handle the internal disciplinary process, but also to ensure that any parallel police enquiries are handled at the earliest opportunity and with the minimum possible damage.

Whilst educational institutions purport to follow due process, in our experience the proceedings can often feel one-sided, with the tribunal more concerned about its own reputation than the future of the individual student facing sanction. We can advise you on how best to take a proportionate but robust approach that protects your interests.