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09 Jun 2017

Partner Edward Grange attending European Fraud and Compliance Lawyers Conference 2017

Partner Edward Grange is today attending European Fraud and Compliance Lawyers (EFCL) Conference in Frankfurt.

Siemens, Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce – these are just a few of the many companies that have become the focus of transnational criminal investigations in the last decade. In all of these cases legal professionals have not only had to handle the criminal aspects of the case. But – some might say even more so – strategic questions have become the focus of the legal advice:

Who is best able to represent the companies interest? And who will act for its representatives? And is there a common interest at all?

How and to which extent can and may data be secured? How does the company present itself to the public?

And finally which contribution to investigate the case is the company willing to make or may it even be obliged to do so?

These issues will be discussed with renowned and highly qualified experts from different professions and various jurisdictions in three panels at this year‘s EFCL-conference in Frankfurt am Main.

Read the full programme here.

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