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International Advice & Assistance

"They have done some of the most complicated extradition cases around."


For over 20 years, Corker Binning lawyers have provided advice and assistance in a number of high-profile and complex international law cases.

Our extradition lawyers have a deep practical knowledge of the defences available to contest extradition requests and the evidence required to support such challenges. We have four lawyers ranked in Chambers UK in the field of extradition, including Edward Grange, ranked as a Star Individual and who is the co-author of a leading practitioner’s guide to extradition now in its third edition.

Our extradition lawyers have represented individuals whose extradition has been requested by a wide range of countries, both inside the EU, and outside the Council of Europe, including jurisdictions that make the first extradition requests to the UK. The offences alleged by these states have ranged from business crime, fraud and corruption to criminal defence matters such as murder, drugs trafficking and robbery.

Our experience in extradition cases means that we have advised foreign governments seeking the extradition of individuals located in the UK. We have advised these governments on how their requests should be drafted and the likely course of the proceedings in the UK courts. Our specialist experience also means that we have been instructed by individuals contesting extradition proceedings outside the UK, but who wish to rely upon our wider expertise in gathering evidence that will support a human rights or political defence to the proceedings.

When our clients face a request for Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA), are the subject of criminal proceedings overseas, or seek the removal of an INTERPOL red notice, we have the international law knowledge, contacts and experience to assist them.

We pro-actively advise clients about their rights and obligations under MLA arrangements, how best to pre-empt risks and engage with investigating authorities. Our lawyers have advised numerous individuals and obtained the deletion of many INTERPOL Red Notices, issued at the request of an INTERPOL member country, indicating that it seeks the individual’s provisional arrest with a view to extradition. In extradition, MLA and INTERPOL cases, we have excellent contacts with leading local lawyers in other jurisdictions and work frequently with them to achieve the best results for our clients.

Using our experience gained through decades of advising individuals and businesses in extradition, MLA and INTERPOL matters, Corker Binning lawyers are often called upon to advise upon matters of international criminal law, including advising on issues of immunity that may arise when serving and former politicians, diplomats and other foreign officials visit the UK.

Our international lawyers also provide advice in relation to financial sanctions and are regularly instructed to provide advice to businesses seeking advice on export and trade controls.

We have extensive experience in advising respondents whose property has been seized or made subject to unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) and those who have had Account Freezing and Forfeiture Orders (AFFOs) made against them. We understand how law enforcement officials operate, so we can guide clients to achieve a pragmatic result and minimise the risk of adverse outcomes. In acting for clients facing a full spectrum of allegations of criminality, we have succeeded in getting their property released.

We represent businesses and individuals, whether they are witnesses or suspects, in transnational criminal cases and international investigations.