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05 Jan 2018

Rachel Quickenden comments on ‘Black Cab Rapist’ John Worboys’ release in International Business Times UK

John Worboys: Crazy as it may seem there are good legal reasons why the ‘black-cab rapist’ may go free

John Worboys, a black-cab driver who is believed to be among the most prolific sex offenders in recent UK history, is set to be released from prison in a decision that has sparked widespread outrage.

A jury at Croydon Crown Court found him guilty of 19 offences, including rape and drugging, in 2009. He was ordered to serve a minimum of eight years in prison. Worboys has since spent 10 years in custody, including a period on remand.

“Whilst still serious, this [19 charges of drugging and sexual assault] does not project his sentence into the echelons of decades in prison, as the press and public might like to see,” Rachel Quickenden, senior associate at Corker Binning, told IBTimes UK.

Worboys’ sentence is in accordance with the law concerning the offences for which he was convicted. He was not convicted of hundreds of rapes and so cannot be sentenced on that basis.”

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