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19 Dec 2011

Santa – is it a fair cop?

It’s June at the North Pole.  A grey haired, bearded man sits in his board room, head in hands.  On the table lies a crumpled piece of paper on which the words “Secretary of State, Extradition Request” and “UK ” are just visible.  Around him hover his advisers, a selection of elves dressed in green suits, and a ruddy nosed reindeer.

“I told you”, exclaims the chief elf, waving around a glossy brochure with COMPLIANCE written across the front. “You were at the training.  I warned you about the UK.  They are cleaning up their act.  You just can’t accept this kind of gift anymore.  Even postmen and dustmen have to watch themselves.”

“What was it again?” asks another.

“A hybrid Lexus sleigh, it runs on snow,” sighs Santa, “and they left me a lovely note explaining exactly what their son wanted this year.”

“A sleigh!” cries the chief elf “ How was that proportionate?”

“Not to mention unnecessary” sniffs Rudolph.

“I know, I know.  I do remember the training: a mince pie and a glass of brandy is fine but I should think carefully if I’m left a bottle of something, and definitely refuse a case.  But you didn’t mention a sleigh…”

“So much for ‘top level commitment'” sighs the chief elf.  “Get Corker Binning on the ‘phone.”

Corker Binning wishes all its clients and contacts a Happy Christmas. We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog over the past months, and will continue to visit in 2012.

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