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04 Jul 2023

The expansion of controlling and coercive behaviour: the implications for criminal law

Associate Jessica Maguire has been featured in Solicitors Journal discussing the impact of the amendment to the offence of controlling and coercive behaviour on criminal and family law.

The article, co-written with Katie Spooner of Family Law in the City, delves into the significant amendments in the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 that broadened the definition of ‘personally connected.’

Now, relationships past their intimate or cohabitational stage, those sharing a parental relationship, and even relatives can be subject to scrutiny under laws pertaining to controlling and coercive behaviour. This change fills a crucial gap, extending the reach of the law to behaviours that persist beyond the end of a relationship or in a family setting.

However, with offences of controlling and coercive behaviour on the rise, this change is likely to lead to an increase in investigations, though it may not directly translate to a surge in prosecutions.

Read the full article [subscription required]: https://www.solicitorsjournal.com/sjarticle/the-expansion-of-controlling-and-coercive-behaviour-the-implications-for-criminal-and-family-law

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