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09 Mar 2022

Jessica Parker provides advice for when a family business is facing a criminal or regulatory investigation in STEP Journal

Partner Jessica Parker has written an article for STEP Journal, discussing the three principles that those advising a family business should consider when faced with an investigation: retaining confidentiality, deciding who leads the response, and planning to ensure business continuity.

Jessica writes, “Investigations into business are more likely now than ever before, with an ever-lengthening list of regulatory and criminal offences that can be committed in a business context – from money laundering compliance breaches to failure to prevent bribery or the facilitation of tax evasion. Any investigation into a business is always unwelcome, but tackling a criminal or regulatory investigation into conduct that has occurred within a family business can be a minefield. The response to the investigation will be tailored to the specific allegation, the powers of the investigators and the nature of the business, but there are some guiding principles to consider when dealing with an investigation into a family business.

You will require a subscription to read the full article here.

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