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Criminal Investigations & Prosecutions Services

Criminal Investigations & Prosecutions

Reputation and crisis management

At the heart of Corker Binning’s ethos is the provision of a personalised and bespoke service for clients, conducted with the utmost discretion.

Anyone can be accused of committing a crime, and it is almost always a life-altering experience. For those of our clients with significant public profiles, the impact of a criminal investigation can have devastating long-term consequences for personal and professional reputations.

Our lawyers have years of experience managing cases in which criminal allegations collide with issues of reputation, privacy and image protection. Our clients have included leading lights in the fields of sports, politics, entertainment and business. Many of our clients who have faced police investigation have never faced public scrutiny as a result, due to the efforts of their legal team.

The prevalence of social media has only served to exacerbate the risks posed to high-profile individuals who find themselves under investigation. We take a pragmatic and holistic approach to these cases, recognising that the real damage can be done by the mere fact of an investigation becoming known, regardless of whether the individual is ever charged with an offence.

We work closely with PR and media advisors to build robust privacy protections around our clients, allowing us to focus on ensuring that every step of the criminal process is carefully managed, from the location and timing of a police interview to the information provided in response to press enquiries.  We ensure not only that our clients receive the best possible legal representation, but also that their journey through the process involves consideration of damage limitation at every turn and remains at the forefront of our strategy at all times.